Tuesday, 29 July 2014


As Fr. Chavasse has to go into hospital, forthcoming Masses will be celebrated for us by Fr. Dykes (Wolstanton) and Fr. Goodman (Wolverhampton).

Feast of  Our Lady of the Assumption will be a VIGIL Mass:
St. Wulstan's, Wolstanton (near Newcastle-under-Lyme), Aug. 14th. at 7 p.m.

Sundays 17 & 24 Aug., usual 6 p.m. Mass at Our Lady's in Swynnerton celebrated by Fr. S. Goodman

Our grateful thanks to these priests for their help despite their busy schedules.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Unfortunately this Sunday's (July 20) Mass has had to be cancelled on health grounds.  The monthly Mass at this lovely Abbey church may be discontinued.  There will not be a Mass in August, but we have not yet given up on the Sept. 21 Mass.

More, but hopefully only brief, concern at Our Lady's, Swynnerton as Fr. Chavasse has to go back to hospital for an operation on his throat on August 12.  Your prayers are very much requested.  Hopefully recuperation will only mean the following 2 or perhaps 3 Sunday Masses are affected.  It is ironic also that Father will not be able to celebrate the Mass for Our Lady of the Assumption, Aug 15.  However I am trying to get replacement priests for all these Masses and I will post messages here and on the LMS National Register as to the position as early as possible.