Thursday, 29 October 2015

Low Mass Feast of All Souls 2 Nov

There is a Low Mass in the Traditional Rite on the Feast of All Souls, Nov. 2, at 7 pm at Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Swynnerton.   The following Friday, Nov. 6, there is a First Friday Low Mass at 7 pm at St. Wulstan’s Church, Wolstanton.

 Visit to Rome with LMS and Una Voce

I got back from Rome two days ago where members of the LMS and Una Voce International (Jamie Bogle wasn’t re-elected as President, but Joseph Shaw was as Treasurer) were among an international procession of hundreds, perhaps over 1,000, of traditionalists led by many clerics through the streets of Rome to St. Peter’s, where Solemn High Mass was celebrated in the Traditional Rite in the chapel beneath the Holy Paraclete window.  LMS and Una Voce members and guests were addressed by Cardinal Pell at a dinner in his honour.