Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ushaw College Closure

Below is a message from Leo Darroch, president of the International Federation Una Voce.


This is to let everyone know about the current publicity on Fr Brown’s blog about the possible closure of Ushaw College.

Paul Waddington is leading the fight to save Ushaw and this is just a request to give as much publicity as possible to these efforts. There is a great deal going behind the scenes and it is important that as many as possible are aware that the matter is not absolutely decided. Our bishops may have given up but the laity definitely has not. If we can get up a head of steam – and more than a few prayers – one never knows what might happen.

I am off to Rome next week and I hope to have the opportunity to discuss this in the curia. If the bishops can be persuaded that the way forward is a seminary that teaches Latin (in accordance with canon law) and both forms of the Mass then it might just create a revival as is happening in other countries around the world. Hope springs eternal.


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  2. The best of luck for your mission to Rome. I believe the greatest obstacle on the way is the bishops unwillingness to let this happen, therefore a word from the Vatican can be decisive.