Tuesday, 10 January 2012

50th Anniversary 'Veretum Sapientia' Rome Meeting

For those not aware there is very good news concerning the importance of Latin in the Church, not just in the Traditional Rite.  The Veretum Sapientia Convention to take place in Rome on 23 February celebrates the 50th. Anniversary of the Letter of Pope John XXIII explaining the vital relevance of Latin in and for the Church. 

Details can be found on Fr. Tim Finigan's website (28.12.2011) The Hermeneutic of Continuity under the title: 'Finally Listening to Blessed John XXIII?'.  Incidentally in the comments underneath the article Fr. Tim expresses the hope that more seminaries will teach Latin as a compulsory part of the formation process.  He also responds to a question about Valladolid that it is indeed taught there.  Bit of local information here, one of the visiting tutors teaching an intense Latin course to seminarians in their propaedeutic year is none other than our own Fr. Anthony Dykes, Ph.D., parish priest at St. Wulstan's, Wolstanton.

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