Thursday, 22 November 2012

Missa Canata Eve Mass for Feast of Immaculate Conception

Fr. Dykes is arranging a Missa Cantata for the Eve Mass of the Immaculate Conception at St. Wulstan's Church, Wolstanton at 7 pm.  Many of you will know the choir is splendid and the singers (mostly teenagers) were in good form for the Feast of All Souls.  It is also the Mass for the First Friday of the month.

Later in the month there will be a traditional Mass at 11 am for the Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury (Dec. 29) but this year it is likely to be a Low Mass.

MASS at OULTON ABBEY at 3pm on Sunday Dec. 9 is in the listings as a Sung Mass, but it may by Low.  We shall know closer to the time.


I am happy to report there was quite a good attendance for the Annual Requiem Mass for deceased members of the LMS last Saturday afternoon.  Bishop Arnold was the celebrant and gave the homily before officiating over ceremonies around the catafalque at the end of Mass.  Committee members laid a wreath at the grave of Cardinal Heenan in recognition of his importance in the long struggle to get the Traditional Rite re-established.  The indefatigable Fr. de Mallarey was Assistant Priest, and Fr. Leworthy his former confrere in the FSSP and replacement for Fr. Southwell at Clapham Park while he is on sabbatical in Rome, assisted at Holy Communion.

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